Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Deetails On The Rocks - Indian Mutiny

In a rocky part of India, 1857...

Mutineers mass...

And meet British regiments proudly donning their most favourite shakos...

Well Drilled Mutineer Artillery (we were playing The Men Who Would Be Kings, and this unit's leader rolled up "Bullet Proof Bumbler", which is probably one of the worst Traits an Artillery unit could possibly be burdened with!  But fun though, and even managed to hit something!)

Mid-point in the battle...

Badmashes (Tribal Inf. with the fierce upgrade) about to charge the British Irregular cavalry...

British Irregular Cavalry in their irregular dress - but, ahhh, beautiful Deetails cavalry!  How I love Deetails horses and the mounted poses!!

Unfortunately, they didn't survive...

But the British eventually won.  I have yet to have a Non-Regular force win a game of The Men Who Would Be Kings.  Seems fitting, though.  Great game and very enjoyable rules.

Scots on (and by) The Rocks...


  1. Wonderful pictures and some fantastic conversions.
    Great looking game all round!

    1. Hi Maudlin Jack Tar,

      Thank you. It was a fun game. The Men Who Would Be Kings is probably one of my favourite rule sets at the moment. And any excuse to get the Mutineers into action is always good. One day they may find themselves in a gridded wargame...

      Thanks for popping by!

    2. A gridded game using some 54mm figures is on my "To Do" List (along with many other things!)

    3. In a couple of weeks time I shall be trying out the gridded 'King and Parliament' rules with Mike Lewis using my 54mm ECW. A report will surely follow!

  2. I've only played one game of TMWWBK (54mm NWF period) so far but am convinced they are the best set of colonial rules I've encountered to date. Once again marvellous Deetail figures and conversions Private W! Best wishes, Anthony.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      It is a really good set, and I saw that report of your NWF game - it looked great! Also, your ECW 54mm figures are really fantastic! You happily get to be involved in a lot of 54mm games it seems - that's really inspiring!

      Thanks for your comment.

    2. I must admit that I am very fortunate to live within easy driving distance of three fellow gamers who appreciate the glories of 54mm gaming!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Ross,

      Hey, thanks Ross, I am happy that you liked it. Your battle reports always make me feel that way too. And Ross, I have been wondering about your red-coated 40mm figures in white havelocks recently, are they your own home cast or Prince August or someone else? They are terrific figures!

      Always great to have you visit, Ross.

  4. I especially liked the conversion of the Detail cowboy bank robber who originally had two pistols. He looks a little like Bin Laden and an imposing fellow - the leader?