Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Deetails On The Rocks - Indian Mutiny

In a rocky part of India, 1857...

Mutineers mass...

And meet British regiments proudly donning their most favourite shakos...

Well Drilled Mutineer Artillery (we were playing The Men Who Would Be Kings, and this unit's leader rolled up "Bullet Proof Bumbler", which is probably one of the worst Traits an Artillery unit could possibly be burdened with!  But fun though, and even managed to hit something!)

Mid-point in the battle...

Badmashes (Tribal Inf. with the fierce upgrade) about to charge the British Irregular cavalry...

British Irregular Cavalry in their irregular dress - but, ahhh, beautiful Deetails cavalry!  How I love Deetails horses and the mounted poses!!

Unfortunately, they didn't survive...

But the British eventually won.  I have yet to have a Non-Regular force win a game of The Men Who Would Be Kings.  Seems fitting, though.  Great game and very enjoyable rules.

Scots on (and by) The Rocks...

Monday, 12 March 2018

Man The Barricades! (Deetails SCW)

Suddenly it is Spring and the weather is just right for gaming outside again.   So it was off to The Spanish Civil War...

And the Barricades of Barcelona...

The Nationalists Attack!

Led by the mighty Panzer 1!

But the Anarchists are ready.

Although the Nationalist bombardment is relentless.

Germans assist in anti-tank support for the Nationalists.

Still the barricades hold!

A fit of fascination with the Spanish Civil War led to some new Deetails conversions.  Here are some of my favourites...

I plan to use them as Partisans too.

But until then, more barricades must be defended!

Friday, 18 August 2017

The French Counter Attack!

"The English have all left in their little boats... so only the Foreign Legion can save France now!"

A counter attack is launched!  Secure the village crossroads!

But the Germans are heading there too!

Zut alors!  They get there first!

And draw first blood!  (Nooo, not my new H-39!!!)

Avenge the Hotchkiss!

A daring plan is hatched!

Close Assault the Panzers!

It works!

Vive La France!

Where are you Rommel?

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Deetails And Omaha Beach

Yesterday we wanted to commemorate the D-Day anniversary with a Bolt Action game.  Juno beach was considered, but I really wanted to play with my Americans, so we were off to Omaha Beach...

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Pacific...


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Bolt Action Actions

Deetails all the time!  I love looking at photos of toy soldiers in action.  Here are a few pictures from a couple recent Bolt Action games to throw on to the web:

Comrades Airfix (and Comrade Italeri-ski)!

A quick Panzerschreck conversion.

Small table, big guys!

Happy 1/32 (and 1/35) gaming everyone!