Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Deetails and Donald Featherstone

Recently re-read Donald Featherstone's fantastic "Wargames" (1962), and wanted to put his rules into action.  Chose the Horse and Musket set to get the ACW guys back on the table.   Here we go:

The Union attacks a Southern town.

The Confederacy is ready!

Cannons are very deadly in these rules!  But also very fun.  Actually, everything is!  I love the simplicity of these rules.  Shooting is a D6 per five men.  Combat is the same.  There are saving throws, easy morale, and the importance of officers! 

A determined Union charge reaches the Rebel barricades...

...and breaks through!

Important high-ranking prisoners are taken!

This inspires a brave head-on, albeit, suicidial cavalry charge.

Soon it just all comes down to ...


The South is saved! 

For the time for being...