Monday, 7 December 2015

DSG Bolt Action - Finns vs. 8th Army

For a brief time in late 1942, various portals simultaneously, and most mysteriously, opened up.  When General Montgomery heard about the Portal that connected North Africa to Finland, he exclaimed, "We will get to Berlin via Finland!"   

But the Finns were not about to have their country be trampled through by the British!  

SAS troops spearhead the 8th Army attack!

The Finns and their Chi-Ha tanks advance cautiously.

Here comes the Desert Rats!   (I had been looking forward all week to playing with these guys!)

And these terrific Chi-Ha's!  These are the work of Ross Mac, of the inspiring blog, Battle Game of the Month.  Really nice paint jobs on these two tanks!

The shooting in this game was atrocious.

Which left Close Combat as the only option.

The remains of the 8th Army retreat back to the desert.

And then, without warning, all the portals closed...