Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Bolt Action Actions

Deetails all the time!  I love looking at photos of toy soldiers in action.  Here are a few pictures from a couple recent Bolt Action games to throw on to the web:

Comrades Airfix (and Comrade Italeri-ski)!

A quick Panzerschreck conversion.

Small table, big guys!

Happy 1/32 (and 1/35) gaming everyone!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Save The Nurses! (Indian Mutiny)

When the dashing Sir Arthur Hamilton Brock heard there were two pretty nurses all alone in a Company outpost, he immediately marched his column to the rescue!

"Ladies", says he, "you have nothing to fear because we are here!"

But then a bugle call is heard in the distance...

Mutineers!  Thousands of them!

Sir Arthur Hamilton Brock's loyal native troops form up...

Tribesmen take aim against them...

The field of battle...

The brave Thin Red Line...

Sir Arthur pauses for some much needed refreshments...

Before the Badmashes charge...

And break through!

Sir Arthur Hamilton Brock's last words:  "Save The Nurses!!"

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Yesterday's ACW game

The Sepoys on my painting desk got pushed aside for a couple of days as I rushed to finish some more of my All The King's Men miniatures.  Such great figures.  Had to put them onto the table immediately to have them get acquainted with their Deetails, Marx repos, DSG and Armies in Plastic friends.  Used a modified The Sword and The Flame for rules and enjoyed a very nice game.  Here are a couple of pictures...

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Western Desert 1941

Well, as a step away from chopping up and converting Deetails into Sepoys, (hopefully will post them soonish), I felt it was way past time to revisit Bolt Action.  Here are a couple pictures from two games played last night:


The 8th Army was my focus in the Fall.  Happily convinced a bunch of Airfix guys to donate their helmets to the Deetails Cause.   Now to find some British Armoured cars...

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Deetails To The Rescue!

Every so often an obsession will spring up out of nowhere and leave me unable to think about anything else.  Three days ago I was hit by the Epiphany/Revelation that the Indian Mutiny is the ONLY THING worthy of tabletop gaming!!!  Madness!  Insanity!  Especially considering that I do not have any Indian Mutiny-like miniatures.  Visiting and browsing and dreaming through various fine miniatures online shops I came to the realization that a mere 660 GBPs and three years of intensive painting will provide the solution.  But 660 Pounds equals roughly a million Canadian dollars, and three years of intensive painting...AHHHH!   Slipping into a dark funk I opened a tin containing some of my Deetails.  And then I opened another.  And then it hit me...with one eye closed and a little bit of leeway and imagination...DEETAILS TO THE RESCUE!!

Monday, 25 July 2016

A Couple More Simple ACW Conversions and a Skirmish at Night

Last night I pulled out my ACW Deetails and started hacking away at some of the guys that had way too many clones.  Here are some of the results:

And after years of rarely using the Rebel Gatling gun, I finally made the plunge and pulled this guy off and gave him his own base.    I also promoted him to second in command of my Confederates!

Then it was time to tidy up but no-one wanted to go back in their boxes!

So we all went outside to Northern Virginia, sometime in 1862.

Here are some pics: