Monday, 6 July 2015

Britains/Heralds Trojans/Greeks vs. Samurai WAB

A "Seize The Hill" scenario with Tro-Spartans and late period Samurai.

A cleverly disguised Ninja hides in the woods, waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting.  Forces were drawn from the AoA book (Trojans/Spartans and the Samurai list).

The Samurai army with a full allotment of seven (!) Samurai heros!  (Toshiro, Yoshio, Takashi, Ko, Daisuke, Seiji, Minoru.)

Agamemnon gives a rousing speech to inspire his troops!

Paris leads the left flank archers.  (He missed every time he fired!)

Meanwhile, Ashigaru firing their (white powder) teppo are deadly!

The clash on Featherstone Hill!

Phalanx meets Spear-armed Ashigaru.

Bare-chested Trojans tower over the Samurai...

The Phalanx tries to chase down the fleeing Ashigaru.

...the bigger the Trojans, the harder they fall.

In the end a Samurai victory!

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