Sunday, 22 May 2016

Hot Sun, Black Powder, 1810, Spain - a couple of pics...

A quick Black Powder skirmish today.

A French task force is sent to rid the woods of Spanish Guerrillas.

While a British force rushes to the aid of the Spanish fighters.

This was the first action of these wonderful painted Hussars that I got from ebay over the Christmas holidays.

British artillery crews try out their new uniforms!

How I wish Britains made artillery sets for their Deetails Waterloo collection!   Nonetheless, nice to find a use for these guys.  



  1. Fun in the Sun! Are the new Hussars from DSG?

    1. Hi Ross Mac,

      No, the Hussars are regular, classic Deetails that the previous owner painted over. A nice job on them too, although it is hard to better the beautiful simple paint jobs of Deetails figures. Thanks for stopping by, Ross Mac!