Friday, 18 August 2017

The French Counter Attack!

"The English have all left in their little boats... so only the Foreign Legion can save France now!"

A counter attack is launched!  Secure the village crossroads!

But the Germans are heading there too!

Zut alors!  They get there first!

And draw first blood!  (Nooo, not my new H-39!!!)

Avenge the Hotchkiss!

A daring plan is hatched!

Close Assault the Panzers!

It works!

Vive La France!

Where are you Rommel?


  1. Excellent stuff! who made the tanks?

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thank you! The tanks are from a great ebay seller from Germany. I am not sure of the actual makes of them. I got them already assembled, I just had to paint the crews and add the odd touch-up, and glue a few repairs. Wonderful models. I was so disappointed having the H-39 go in the first part of the battle. I love that tank! Thanks for popping by, Brian!

  2. Good fun. I don't remember seeing the marching pose of German before.

    I used to have an H-35 made from a kit for my FFFL in Syria but I suck at kits and like many of my other tanks and guns kept dropping parts on the battlefield even before they met the enemy!

    1. Hi Ross,

      Thanks, Ross, nice to have you visit! That marching pose is great, isn't it?! The maniac in me would love to add 50 more to the collection. I believe that pose is from the second set of 6 Deetails Germans. And yeah, I am not a fan of putting any plastic kit with more than 7 pieces together at all. But they certainly are pretty! Especially in 1/35. And my FFFL Vets will hopefully be bringing their R-35 and H-39 to the Levant sometime soon!

  3. Wonderful pictures. Those tanks really are splendid.

  4. Hi Maudlin Jack Tar,

    Welcome to Battling With Britains! Thanks for your comment! I look forward to trying out your rules sometime.

  5. Hey your blog is great, and your collection of Britains Deetails is impressive. I'm working on a series of videos on Deetails. Any chance if I need a photo of a piece I don't own I can check with you to see if you have it? Thanks

    1. Hey Unknown,

      I am just seeing this now. Thank you. I do love Deetails - the ultimate toy soldier! I would love to see videos on Deetails. And sure, ask away, although there are huge holes in my collection since I collect more for playing with them as opposed to collecting purely for collecting. Please let me know.