Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Robin Rampant (or Robin Running?)

Wanted an all Made in China Deetails game last night.  Naturally, Robin Hood and his Merrymen were the first to jump onto the table.  Decided upon Dragon Rampant as the rules and came up with the following:

Robin Hood - Elite Foot, Missiles, with Blessed Bow.  10 Points.

Maid Marion - Light Foot, Spellcaster.  6 Points.

Little John - Bellicose Foot, Shiny Armour (well, not really he's just Little John!). 6 Points.

Friar Tuck - Offensive, Heavy Foot.  6 Points.

Will Scarlet - Light Missile with Sharpshooter.  6 Points.

Total - 34 Pioints.


Prince John And The Sheriff!

Prince John - Elite Foot, Mystical Armour.  8 Points.

Sheriff Of Nottingham - Bellicose Foot, Terrifically Shiny Armour, Hatred of Robin Hood.  7 Points.

Prince John's Crusaders - Elite Foot.  6 Points.

The Sheriff's Men - Elite Foot.  6 Points.

Archers - Light Missiles with Sharpshooter.  6 Points.

Total - 33 Points.

It was a wonderful day in Sherwood Forest...

Suddenly, "It's Robin Hood", says the Sheriff of Nottingham, "I hate that guy!"


Will Scarlet takes up position and begins sniping the Sheriff's men.

But the Sheriff "Wild Charges" Little John!

And sends him packing!

Friar Tuck also runs off after being defeated in combat by the Sheriff and Prince John!  The Merry Men (and Woman) are now down to just three.

Until the Crusaders charge Maid Marion!  They tire of being the targets of her deadly Power Bolt spell!

Disgusted by this, Robin Hood charges Prince John and tries to reason with him.

But Prince John will have none of this, and chases Robin off!

Will Sherwood forest ever be the same again...?

A fun game.  Dragon Rampant really does work nicely for an easy skirmish as well as bigger battles.   Nice to be playing with Robin and the Lads (and Lass) again too. 


  1. tsk tsk, Robin Hood's never going to get his own tv show that way!
    My Robin Hood figures were Marx and not particularly good, I used to appropriate my brothers Herald version. Now there was a Robin Hood!

    1. Hi Ross Mac,

      Thanks for stopping by. And yes, it just wasn't Robin's or any of his gang's day at all! Maybe now we'll see a Sheriff Of Nottingham show! He really was the hero of the battle.
      I agree with you about the Herald figures, they are really great and I would love to one day play with them too. But even the Marx ones would be welcomed on my table any old day!