Sunday, 14 February 2016

Scottish Tro-Spartans vs. Vikings!

Sometimes one just has to play everything in 54mm! 

Today it was a Four Point SAGA game using the special "Heros of The Viking Age" characters.    The Vikings had "Ragnar Lothbrok" leading a force of mounted Hearthguard, Berserkers and a foot Hearthguard unit.  They sailed to Scotland to fight "Macbeth" and his Scots (who, for some reason, decided to don Tro-Spartan arms and apparel).  The Scottish force was made up of an unit of Levy Archers, and two Warrior units. 

Really the game was just a fun excuse to finally get the Vikings my brother had kindly given me for Christmas onto the table.

I learned that charging Levy Bows with a Mounted Hearthguard unit is a bad idea!

But Berserkers are always fun and do their bit!

Here Ragnar Lothbrok convinces the Scots that he is truly "the son of Odin"!

In the end, Ragnar (and friend) challenge, and then defeat, the mighty Macbeth.


  1. The Spartan Scots look splendid as they await the Viking onslaught.

    1. Hi James James,

      Nice to have you stop by and thanks for your comment! I really enjoy your amazing blog and especially your recent garden game - it had me happily daydreaming on the way to work today as well as planning Armies In Plastic purchases!