Monday, 17 April 2017

Save The Nurses! (Indian Mutiny)

When the dashing Sir Arthur Hamilton Brock heard there were two pretty nurses all alone in a Company outpost, he immediately marched his column to the rescue!

"Ladies", says he, "you have nothing to fear because we are here!"

But then a bugle call is heard in the distance...

Mutineers!  Thousands of them!

Sir Arthur Hamilton Brock's loyal native troops form up...

Tribesmen take aim against them...

The field of battle...

The brave Thin Red Line...

Sir Arthur pauses for some much needed refreshments...

Before the Badmashes charge...

And break through!

Sir Arthur Hamilton Brock's last words:  "Save The Nurses!!"


  1. Nice work on the mutineers and native infantry, they work really well.

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thank you! They were fun to do and there are more on the go - another batch of native infantry for starters.

      I was just visiting your great blog again, admiring your wonderful Marathas conversions. Fantastic! I think a few of my Deetails Sioux may end up on my painting desk soon as a first stop to India!

      Thanks for stopping by, Brian!

  2. Well Done Private W! The Mutineer conversions turned out really well, though I must admit I felt a pang of dismay at using the Napoleonic's! Great use of the Nurses too. I have a set of these with beds and have never really thought about incorporating them into a game!

    1. Hi Col,

      Ah, I know that pang of dismay and feeling of disbelief when I see conversions made of figures I love too, Col! But all of the Napoleonic guys that went under the knife all had missing backpacks, flaws or some other malady that kept them out of front-line service. Although, it was still hard to do! Deetails Waterloo British are some of my most favourite Deetails. As for the ACW and WWII Japanese guys that got converted, my son was soon suggesting that he should hide my tins of Deetails in order save them and save me from myself!! Wise boy. Converting is just so much fun but it can potentially eat up the collection if one is not careful!

      Thanks for your comment and visit, Col!